A Beginner Gaming PC

BTW guys all the links are in the images!!

As gaming PC’s are not cheap iv’e researched enough to find parts for a pc just under the price of £300 and yes someone or you will have to build the PC.

  • To start with the CPU the Intel Pentium Processor G3258 will do the job as it is very cheap kinda powerful but enough to fulfil your need
  • i went with a card i have simular to and that is the NVIDIA GTX 1050 it is very under rated and cheap, it is very powerful for its price
  • You don’t need much power for this setup so a EVGA 430w 80 Plus PSU will do the job.
  • Although an old motherboard i still went ahead with the MSI MATX Motherboard H81M-P33 as it can overclock the CPU to 4.5GHZ which is fast.
  • Having a beginner pc your gonna need at least 4GB of ram so the Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2x4GB) 1600 Memory will do the job.
  • The hard drive i went for the 320GB WD Caviar Blue. At only 320GB comes very cheap and the PC always ha51Ena9a6wVL.SL160-1.jpgs room to upgrade storage.
  • The Xion Performance mA61beYW-XuPL._SL1000_.jpgTX is the cheapest case i could find with space and still looks good.91tRcLS1jRL._SL1500_.jpg51uQKREz3vL.SL160-1.jpg71fEKEzzG6L._SL1200_.jpg



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