Top 4 Budget Graphics cards for 2017

Starting from the cheapest graphics card and then more expensive as i go along. All these graphics cards are all lower end and budget cards so don’t try and run your games in resolutions like 4K, but you could get away with 2K.

The first card is the Asus NVIDIA Gt 710 2 GB card this card is only £30 and in my opinion doesn’t look nice. The card has passive cooling which means that the cooling is not powerful and this card will heat up quickly. 

The second budget card is the Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX550 4 GB this card is AMD which is a company that makes insane budget cards so thats why this is on the list. The card is only £85. Here are some specs:

  • 4th Gen GCN Architecture / Radeon Software / Radeon Chill / Radeon ReLive
  • DirectX 12 / AMD FreeSync Technology / AMD Eyefinity Technology / AMD App Acceleration
  • AMD CrossFire Technology / AMD CrossFire (Bridgeless) / AMD Enduro Technology / AMD Frame Rate Target Control
  • AMD LiquidVR Technology / AMD Power Tune Technology / AMD Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) / AMD Vulkan Graphics API.

Having AMD crossfire capability means you can have 2 of these cards which is 2x the power.

This card is one of the best Nvidia cheap graphics cards out there. Ive chosen the Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB Mini Graphics Card. The card is £99 and it is worth every £1. Here are some specs: 

  • Highly configured graphics card, custom shell, high excavation efficiency
  • New low-power Embedded platform with AI, powered by Pascal™ GPU architecture

For every part that i review there is always an amazon link down below so check them out!

Last but not least the best Budget graphics card out there, the EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC. This card is not only Super clocked but out of the 4 cards looks the nicest. Here are some technical specifications:

  • Base Clock: 1354 MHZ / Boost Clock: 1468 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 7010 MHz Effective
  • NVIDIA GameStream Technology / NVIDIA GSYNC Ready
  • HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4 and DualLink DVI
  • Memory Detail: 4096MB GDDR5






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