Little Nightmares!

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I LOVE THIS GAME! seriously, i would recommend buying this, as its only £15 and its full of adventure. theres a little girl called six, who gets stranded or kidnapped on a boat, and you have to escape from horrible monsters and strange figures. the game leaves you with wonder and…

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A Beginner Gaming PC

BTW guys all the links are in the images!! As gaming PC’s are not cheap iv’e researched enough to find parts for a pc just under the price of £300 and yes someone or you will have to build the PC. To start with the CPU the Intel Pentium Processor G3258 will do the job as it […]

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Steam Summer Sale!

The Steam Summer Sale has started! For the next 8 days steam a pc platform is having a insane sale you can get discounts on some of the biggest games and big discounts. Here are some of the games that have been discounted: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – £3.19 (80% off) Superhot – £10.79 […]

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My Personal Favourite and Future Gaming Mouse This gaming mouse is not the most expensive but it is 100% worth £60. Corsair and Razor are 2 of the most head to head companies when it comes to peripherals and plug in devices and corsair is my favourite. Thats why i’m reviewing the Corsair Gaming M65 PRO with RGB backlit colours. Heres some […]

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